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I’ve only ever deleted three (I think) comments from my blog, apart from the spam – one from someone whose graphic description of a chest infection put me right off my tea, and two from someone calling himself White Pride Worldwide and linking to the Stormfront website. You can, I think, guess the nature of the comment.

Other than that, I am not in the business of censorship, and would not, as a general rule, delete a comment because its writer disagreed with me – I might as well close down my blog if I start going down that road. I tend to rely on the fact that my readership are, in general, Proper Grown-Ups™ and capable of respectful disagreement with me and with each other, whilst refraining from pulling each other’s hair.

I did edit a comment, once – it was at the request of the writer because the ommission of a word gave her comment the exact opposite meaning to the one she intended.

Basically, no racism, no personal insults of me or other commenters, no Catholic-Church-is-the-Whore-of-Babylon, no graphic descriptions of bodily functions, and no four-letter outbursts of Anglo-Saxon.

Apart from that, have at it.

Oh, and if you want to save my soul by telling me that the Catholic Church is wrong, you can do that, but Jack Chick, Charles Chinquey and Sister Charlotte are not credible sources of what the Catholic Church holds, believes and teaches to be true.

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    1. A lay member of the Catholic religious order, the Order of Preachers (the Dominicans). Lay means I am not vowed, I am not a friar, nun or Sister, I can marry, have children, have a job.

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