Oh dear oh dear oh dear

I swear that my credit card company has entered into a conspiracy with Mesh Computers to drive me utterly, howling-at-the-moon, certifiably insane.

Wind back the mists of time to the beginning of March this year, when I decided that my computer, which came from Mesh Computers lo these many moons ago and has done me sterling service ever since, was starting to make funny noises whenever I asked it to do anything more complicated than send an e-mail or run Tweetdeck. This is a bit of a pain when you take as many photos as I do.

March being annual bonus time, I went onto Mesh Computers’ website, specced up a nice grossly-overpowered-for-what-I-need-it-for new computer, thinking “my previous computer came from Mesh, they can sell me a shiny new one with many things that light up and go twing! and everyone will be happy. They will have lots of my money, and I will have a nice computer that doesn’t sound like it’s choking to death.”

Like a complete idiot, I didn’t do anything sensible like put “Mesh Computers complaints” into the search engine of my choice.

I ordered my computer. I paid for my computer. I put the money aside into my savings account so that when the credit card bill came in, I could pay it off in full, like the sensible grown-up I occasionally pretend to be (stop laughing at the back, it’s not nice).

Mesh promised me that I would take delivery of my shiny new computer “within 10-14 days.”

14 days after my order was placed, my computer was still being built.

I phoned them up.

“About those fourteen days,” I murmured, gently. “Were those business days or week days?”

“We’re waiting for a part. It will be in on Tuesday, you’ll have your computer by Friday of next week.”

Friday of next week, I phoned them up, for lo! the status of my order was still “parts being allocated to the machine.”

“We’re waiting for a part. It will be in on Tuesday, you’ll have your computer by Friday of next week.”

Bad Things Happen To Boys Who Tell Lies. Or, you know, I throw a strop and cancel my order, one of the two.

“You’ll have your refund in fourteen days.”

“Is that the same sort of fourteen days that you promised me my computer in, or an actual fourteen days?” I enquired, somewhat frostily.

“Ahahahahaha. Um.”

Fourteen days came and went, with nothing of note happening, apart from the non-appearance of vast quantities of Her Majesty’s wine vouchers in my credit card account.

A further sixteen days, making thirty days, the legal limit for failing to refund a customer, came and went with nothing of note happening, apart from us moving offices. They’re nice, our new offices. I have a lovely view of the bins. Oh, I cycled to Oxford as well. You can still sponsor me, if you like. It was great fun and nobody fell off.

Mesh Computers’ accounts department phone is not merely “not answering,” it’s not even ringing.

I finally spoke to someone in the accounts department, “um, yes, your refund has just been authorised by my manager, you should have it in three days.”

Yes, quite. Is anyone believing them at this point? I’m not, and I’m a trusting soul…

I phoned the credit card company’s disputes team, log a dispute, and wait for the forms, which arrived on 17th May (after I phoned them on 10th to raise the dispute). I filled them in, signed them, took them into work to scan them and put them in the post.

[cue tumbleweed]

I phoned their helpline on 31st May.

“Oh, we’ve not received your form.”

“Can I e-mail it to you?”

“No, but you can fax it.”

I had to ask someone where our fax machine was in our new office. Turns out that it’s down in the basement, in a lonely corner of the post room. If anyone is looking for the Ark of the Covenant, you could probably start by looking there.

So off I trotted to the basement, clutching six pieces of paper, and faxed the form off.

Being completely paranoid by this point, I phoned the credit card company that afternoon.

“It’s not been logged onto the system yet, but call us in the morning.”

I phoned the next morning, as instructed.

“No, it’s not been logged onto the system yet.”

I called them today, with the loud ticking noise of an approaching deadline echoing in my ears.

“No, it’s not been logged onto the system yet. I’ll chase it up urgently and call you back.”

Faxes, I ask you. Hello, the 1980s called, they want their technology back. The thing is, as far as I can tell, the faxes arrive, are printed off and then scanned onto their system. Why can’t I e-mail them a PDF?

I swear, if I’ve not heard back from them by lunchtime, I’m going to my nearest branch and handing it over to the staff in person.

And the really, really, really annoying thing? I still have to source a new computer from a company that won’t use me as a source of free business finance whilst they slowly go bust and tell me lies.

Now is the point where I’d normally say “don’t touch Mesh with a ten foot pole and definitely don’t ever give them any of your money,” but at roughly the point I was thinking “faxes? What the heck?” Mesh Computers went into receivership, prompting me to pull the world’s least-convincing surprised face, and was sold to PC Peripherals, so I don’t think you can any more anyway.

Meanwhile, if you want me, I’ll be up on Hampstead Heath, howling at the moon.

6 thoughts on “Oh dear oh dear oh dear

  1. unFortunate situation, but a magnificent rant! hope your credit card company deliver the goods (in a manner of speaking) …

  2. This is a very professional rant, lacks some swear words. I was thinking about buying from Mesh a few years ago but saw some compalints in some PC mags and decided to stay well. clear.

    I can highly recommend Dell, as they take the usual 14 days but do actually deliver in that time.

  3. Glad I read this. I was about to place an order with Mesh. In fact I’ve been trying to get hold of them all morning to place the order. Then I started thinking . . . “hang on a minute, what sort of outfit doesn’t answer its sales phone?”
    Looks like I may be heading over to Dell . . .

  4. I sent my Mesh Computer back for repair 3 days before they went into Administration… spent over 2 hours on hold before speaking to someone. Now they’re ‘waiting for a part’ – what are the bets I don’t have it back next week, as they said I would?

    I nagged Mesh’s ops director on LinkedIn when they were messing me about over the buy and missing items I’d paid for… this time, I sent a message to the Ops director and MD… wondered why they hadn’t replied, then read the news about Administration – aaagh!

    So now am desperately hoping for a miracle and to get my main work PC back. Mesh used to be awesome, but they went right downhill over the last couple of years… terrible customer service let them down. The PCs are great – the service not so. Let’s hope PC Peripherals (I think that’s the name of the new owners) can get that sorted and return Mesh to profitability. Would be a shame to see the brand die, but it’s a tough market to be a smaller manufacturer these days with competition from tablets, smartphones et al.

    1. Rob, I am not a lawyer or an administrator, and this advice is worth exactly what you paid for it, but I’m pretty sure they can’t keep your computer. They may not be able to fix it, but they have to send it you back – they can’t keep it as one of the assets of the company. Get onto the administrators, Macintyre Hudson. Their website is http://www.macintyrehudson.co.uk/news/macintyre-hudson/macintyre-hudson-secures-buyer-mesh-computers.

      I went to Mesh this time because they were so good last time, looks to me that somewhere between 2005 and now, the company went to hell.

      Good luck!

      [Yes I have edited this comment. Because I Can, and because an unfortunate there/their typo was making my eyes bleed].

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