6 thoughts on “Eat More Cake

  1. Your links don’t work very well for me 🙁

    If I eat more cake, will my house become sparkling clean and my cooking skills improve exponentially thereby allowing me to become a dinner hostess extraordinaire?

  2. I just did a google image search for

    Gillian McKeith Nigella Lawson

    in the hope that someone had put their photos up side-by-side and, wanna know something scary……YOUR photo popped up!!!!! (in the second batch of pictures as I scrolled down the page)

  3. Oooer… Cal’s right.
    I have never met you, Rosamundi, but I have seen the occasional photo of you on your blog and the picture to which Cal refers does look very like you!

  4. yes, that’s my Twitter avatar. I posted this on Twitter a couple of days ago and it must have been picked up by Google’s indexing software. I’ll fix the links later, I’m on my phone at the moment.

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