Here she is

Meet Zephirine. There was no way I was trusting my beloved camera to the combination of that front basket and Newham Council’s somewhat slapdash and hazy approach to massive great potholes and the fixing thereof, so I had to wait for the panniers to arrive.


We’d just cycled to Victoria Park along the canal – that seemed like far enough after, what did we do yesterday? Oh yes, cycle the eight miles to work (and back again). I think Steve’s suggested route in this comment will be eminently do-able.

I also think I’ve cracked why going to the gym, or swimming, just don’t work for me as a form of exercise. I need to actually get somewhere when exercising. So I can quite happily walk from point A to point Z, given a sufficient quantity of Penguins* as a bribe, but tell me that I have to walk five miles on a treadmill, or thrash up and down a swimming pool, and I’ll get bored and fall off/drown/try and eat my own leg.

*note for Americans and other aliens: a type of chocolate biscuit.

10 thoughts on “Here she is

  1. Zephirine, you do look most splendid. It’s very nice to meet you properly.

    Blimey, Rosamundi… you’ll be getting very fit if you do 16 miles a days, 5 days a week! You will, by taking the Cable Street option, be passing the very spot where my bicycle lock was stolen, but my bicycle left behind.

  2. I shall be whippet-thin and frantically sewing elastic into all my skirts in no time.

    I shouldn’t laugh at “…my bicycle lock was stolen, but my bicycle left behind,” should I? Sorry, but I did.

  3. I laughed too 🙂 … and she looks lovely … I really must get my bike out … but I”m not going to be cycling the 20+km’s to work and back – not and dodge log trucks as well 🙂

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