I spoke too soon

The plumber did a brilliant job fitting the shower, commissioned it (which is the instructions’ fancy term for “running lots of water through to clear air and debris”), everything working perfectly. Checked it again, water would not get hot. Which makes a change from the shower being so hot it burned my head, but my character does not need building by means of cold showers.


Check instruction manual.

Diagnose that the thermal cut-out has, um, cut out, which is a problem. We phoned Triton, they’re sending an engineer out under the warranty some time next Friday, or possibly earlier, they do get cancellations.

(maybe I should add a blog category called “dramaramas and disasters”?)

There’s only one slight problem – I can’t find the receipt for the shower, and I will need it to make a claim on the warranty, apparently. I’m hoping they’ll accept the line item on my card statement as proof of purchase.

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