“What do you seek?”

God’s mercy and yours.

"God's mercy and yours."

"What do you seek?"

With God's help and yours

With God's help and yours

To the honour of Almighty God, the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, and of Blessed Mary ever Virgin, and Saint Dominic, I, [Rosamundi], in the presence of the President of this Fraternity and the Religious Assistant, in the place of the Master of the Order of Friars Preachers, promise that I will live according to the Rule of the Laity of Saint Dominic for all my life.

Amen, Amen, without ever turning back!

[The square white thing you can see in the pictures is the scapular, the most important part of the habit of the Order. Also, many thanks to Golightlycat for acting as wardrobe consultant, and the Rosadaddy for photography!]

24 thoughts on ““What do you seek?”

  1. Anne

    Far too much wordage!

    What do you seek?


    (Monty Python’ll never fail you.)

  2. Pants

    Actually, the suit was the first thing I noticed too! It’s fab!
    Congratulations (or whatever it is you say to people after this kinda thing!!)!

  3. Pants

    (I’ve just learnt all about scapulars – I’d never heard of one before!! Fascinating stuff!)

  4. Faith Flaherty

    May God bless you on this day and forever. May St. Dominic greet you in heaven. May St. Catherine of Siena smile on you, always. Have you a religious name? Contact eLumen, the internet newsletter of St. Joseph’s province to have your name put under Te Deum.

  5. Ian

    Much happiness and rejoicing in the Antipodes for you.

    And yes: as always, you look fantastic.

    God grant you many, many years!

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