3 thoughts on “my socks

  1. Woe

    And I was encouraged by your comemnt to pray for the thief; I’m not at the stage of it being a natural reaction yet, but, God willing…

  2. Woe, indeed. My very great sympthy to you as I have been in a similar position. Went to a yarn shop at Penrith, about an hour out of Sydney at the foot of the mountains. Was knitting a sock in a lacy snowflake pattern while waiting for my train back to inner Sydney. Gorgeuos Grignasco Bambi very fine merino, 2 mm needles, lots of work. Train arrived and I boarded. went to measure second sock against the first and it was gone. Probably fell off my lap when I stood up to board train. I was heartbroken. Then add in all the other things that were in your bag and woe indeed!

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